Authors of Global Diversity and Inclusion Benchmarks: Standards for Organizations Around the World

Community Business formally acknowledges Diversity and Inclusion Benchmarks: Standards for Organizations Around the World as the source framework for the D&I Diversity & Inclusion Strategy Framework for Asia. In particular we thank the authors, Alan Richter and Julie O’Mara for their permission to use this tool and for their proactive support and encouragement as we sought to adapt this model for use in Asia.  Learn more…

Diversity & Inclusion in Asia (DIAN)

Community Business is grateful to its DIAN members for their sponsorship, support and validation of the first iteration of the D&I Strategy Framework for Asia.  Learn more about DIAN…

In 2012, DIAN members included:

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Participating Companies of DIAN

A special thanks to the DIAN member companies who participated a pilot exercise using the framework and the process and share with us their feedback. These companies include: AECOM, Barclays, ERM, Herbert Smith, JPMorgan, Linklaters and Shell International BV.

Taskforce of D&I Strategy Framework

Community Business would also like to thank the DIAN Deliverable 2012 Taskforce members for their additional contribution to the development of this framework. They include: Radhika Muthukamaran from ABB, Shilpa Jolly from Accenture, Thomas Tang from AECOM, Claire Gebbie and Mridula Sharma from American Express, Roman Matla from BHP Billiton, Randall Lane from Cisco, Helen Jackson from Ernst & Young, Jolina Kahn from Microsoft, Susanna Pearson and Alison Harbert from Nomura and Xiaomei Jia from State Street.

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