The Complete Toolkit

D&I Strategy Framework Toolkit


Community Business has also developed a complete toolkit of all the materials you need to implement the D&I Strategy Framework across your organisation.

These include:

  • Invitation emails and briefing documents for engaging internal key stakeholders
  • An in-depth Facilitator Guide with practical tips on how to lead the meetings and drive the discussions as effectively as possible
  • Presentations for facilitating key meetings within the process together with detailed speaker notes
  • Templates for drawing up a roadmap and identifying action plans
  • Complete set of 97 best practice indicators for companies who are committed to taking a strategic approach and in-depth look at how they are embedding D&I into their business across the region
*Complimentary One-Hour Briefing Session on D&I Strategy Framework
For companies who purchase the Full Version of the Best Practice Indicators or the Complete Toolkit, Community Business will offer you a one-hour Briefing Session to explain the process of implementing the Framework in your organisation.

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