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Drawing on our wealth of experience in developing this tool and working with companies across the region, Community Business is ideally positioned to support your company in maximising the impact of the D&I Strategy Framework. We offer comprehensive consultancy and facilitation services, including:
  • Working with your team to decide how best to roll out the D&I Strategy Framework in your organisation.
  • Facilitating key meetings in the process, effectively directing discussions to achieve your desired outcomes.
  • Reviewing the data gathered throughout the process and providing external insights and analysis.
  • Helping your local teams develop a roadmap and action plans moving forward that are focused and locally relevant.
  • Conducting a debrief on the process and identifying next steps.
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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the D&I Strategy Framework?

The D&I Strategy Framework is a strategic tool designed to help companies make progress on their diversity and inclusion (D&I) journey in Asia. Working at both a regional and country level, it empowers companies to adopt a co-ordinated and structured approach as they seek to embed a culture of D&I within the organisation.

2. Why should my company invest time and resources in using this framework?

This Framework provides the opportunity to conduct a strategic review of your diversity and inclusion strategy in Asia, identifying areas where you are performing well, highlighting key priority issues and integrating it with your business objectives through a roadmap and supporting action plans. It is also provides the opportunity to engage key stakeholders and encourage ownership of your diversity and inclusion strategy at all levels. Additionally, if done in different markets, your company can consolidate the results to:

  • Align and develop a Regional D&I strategy;
  • Leverage ideas or initiatives that are working well in one country and apply to another;
  • Encourage competition between different markets motivating them to achieve a higher assessment score year on year;
  • Raise the profile of the company’s diversity strategy by publishing results across the business and even externally;
  • Create a common language to discuss diversity and inclusion and, ultimately, employee engagement opportunities.

3. Why did Community Business choose to adapt the “Global Diversity and Inclusion Benchmarks”* for Asia?

After a review of existing tools and frameworks, Community Business and the DIAN Deliverable Taskforce recommended adopting the ‘Global Diversity and Inclusion Benchmarks: Standards for Organizations Around the World’* as a starting point. This was chosen because it is a comprehensive tool that covers all aspects of diversity developed through extensive consultation with multinational companies.

* Julie O’Mara (, Alan Richter ( and 79 Expert Panelists, “Global Diversity and Inclusion Benchmarks: Standards for Organizations Around the World”, 2011

4. How is this Framework different from others in the market?

This Framework uses a globally-recognised model that provides a comprehensive set of categories and best practice indicators. It has been rigorously reviewed and validated to adapt it specifically for Asia by leading companies in Asia who are committed to progressing diversity and inclusion in their organisations. Most importantly, it provides a systematic process that is

  • Easy to understand, adopt and apply;
  • Appropriate for companies operating in different countries in Asia; and
  • Comprehensive enough to provide valuable information for companies to make progress in its diversity and inclusion strategy

5. It is difficult to engage local key stakeholders in the review process, can I ask my Country Diversity/HR Lead to fill it out for me?

Community Business believes that this tool should not merely be seen as a tick box exercise completed by individuals in isolation, but that it should be a means by which to engage key stakeholders in wider discussion around diversity and inclusion. Building on Community Business’ experience of working with various companies in this field, Community Business has developed a recommended approach for how the Framework is designed to be used in Asia. For details, please refer to the How to Use section of this site or the Getting Started document, available for free download.

6. What if time commitment is a concern to engage local key stakeholders?

To suit the needs of different companies, Full and Lite versions of the D&I Strategy Framework are available. The Full Framework will enable a comprehensive and in-depth examination of your progress on D&I in Asia and shape a comprehensive strategy moving forward. The Lite Framework will enable a basic, high-level review of your progress on D&I in Asia and provide a general direction for your strategy. The Supporting Materials provided in the Online Toolkit provide tools that will make the process as smooth and time-efficient as possible.

7. We have small operations in some of the markets in Asia, should we roll it out in all markets?

This is up to individual company to decide. We recommend companies to consider capacity, size and maturity of local operation in those markets. Some companies may want to roll it out in markets where they just start operate as they see it is important to engage their local key stakeholders right from the beginning and look at how to integrate diversity in the process, but some may other concerns.

8. How often should we run this exercise?

It is recommended that this exercise be done yearly or biennially. This gives time for your local offices to take appropriate action and for changes to be implemented.

Community Business offers consultancy and facilitation services to support the implementation of the D&I Strategy Framework as well as a Complete Toolkit, which is available for purchase.

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